Las Vegas Brokerage Leans Into Spooky Season With “Saw” Parody

Key Takeaways:

– Virtual Inman Connect on Nov. 1-2, 2023 and Inman Connect New York on Jan. 23-25, 2024 are upcoming events to attend
– Simply Vegas, a Las Vegas brokerage, created a Halloween-themed recruitment video
– The video parodies the “Saw” horror franchise and features two agents handcuffed and unconscious in a room
– The agents are challenged to leave their current brokerages, which are depicted as taking too much money while giving little in return
– The video includes a link to watch the full video on YouTube


A Las Vegas brokerage got fully into the Halloween spirit with their latest recruitment video.

Simply Vegas, a brokerage launched by Gavin Ernstone in 2010, parodied the massively popular “Saw” horror franchise for their recruitment video, which opens with two agents handcuffed and unconscious in a dingy room.

“I was just in the middle of licking envelopes for these really highly effective seller letters that I make and I just passed out out of nowhere. I think I was drugged,” the female agent character says upon coming to.

“Last thing I remember, I was doing an open house, this great 3-2 with a pool, walk-in closets,” says the male agent character, before the pair are interrupted by a “Jigsaw” stand-in speaking to them over a loudspeaker.

“Silence, I want to play a game,” it says.

It then challenges the pair, in the style of one of Jigsaw’s sadistic games, to leave their brokerages which, he says, “take too much of your money, while giving you very little.”

“If you fail, this room will fill with pumpkin spice gas which, as you know, knocks Realtors out until the new year,” it says.

Check out the full video:

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Property Chomp's Take:

Las Vegas brokerage Simply Vegas recently released a recruitment video that perfectly captures the Halloween spirit. The video, a parody of the "Saw" horror franchise, showcases the brokerage's creativity and commitment to engaging their audience.

Simply Vegas, founded by Gavin Ernstone in 2010, has gained a reputation for its innovative marketing strategies. This recruitment video is just another example of their unique approach to attracting top talent. The video begins with two agents waking up in a dingy room, handcuffed and unsure of what's happening.

As they regain consciousness, the female agent suspects she was drugged while licking envelopes for highly effective seller letters. The male agent, who was doing an open house, starts describing the property before they are interrupted by a "Jigsaw" stand-in speaking to them over a loudspeaker.

The stand-in challenges the agents to leave their current brokerages, which he claims take too much of their money while providing little in return. If they fail, the room will fill with pumpkin spice gas, rendering them unconscious until the new year. It's a clever way to highlight the benefits of joining Simply Vegas while incorporating Halloween-themed elements.

The recruitment video showcases the brokerage's commitment to providing a supportive and lucrative environment for its agents. By parodying the "Saw" franchise, Simply Vegas emphasizes their dedication to helping agents break free from traditional brokerages and achieve success.

This video is an excellent example of how a brokerage can stand out from the competition by embracing creativity and thinking outside the box. It not only grabs the attention of potential recruits but also showcases the brokerage's unique culture and values. By leveraging popular culture and incorporating humor, Simply Vegas effectively communicates its message and captures the Halloween spirit.

In the competitive real estate industry, it's crucial for brokerages to differentiate themselves and attract top talent. Simply Vegas has demonstrated that they are willing to take risks and push boundaries to achieve their goals. This Halloween-themed recruitment video is just one of the many ways they continue to innovate and captivate their audience.

Whether you're in the real estate industry or not, there are valuable lessons to be learned from Simply Vegas' approach. Embracing creativity, humor, and popular culture can help any business stand out and connect with their target audience. So, next time you're looking to recruit new talent or engage your customers, consider taking a page out of Simply Vegas' book and add a little Halloween spirit to your marketing efforts.

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