HomeServices, Hanna Holdings lead 2024 RealTrends Verified Core Services list

Key Takeaways:

– Brokerage firms must focus on core services to compensate for low margins in residential real estate
– RealTrends collects data on affiliated service transactions, submitted by firms
– HomeServices of America is leading in transactions in all six categories
– RealTrends Verified data offers insight into successful core service transactions capturing


Today’s brokerage firms must rely on core services to make up for the low margins of the residential real estate practice. As part of the brokerage rankings, RealTrends collects the number of affiliated service transactions a firm does. These numbers, part of RealTrends Verified, are submitted by the firm but not subject to our verification system. They offer a glimpse into how some firms are capturing core service transactions successfully.

HomeServices of America leads the pack with transactions in each of the six categories with a total of 153,586 total transactions.

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