Creative Ways To Forge Community Connections That Pay Dividends

Key Takeaways:

– Inman Connect New York is an event that helps businesses conquer market challenges and prepare for future opportunities.
– Inman Access is a resource for educational classes, with a focus on the importance of community for businesses.
– There is a video discussion featuring Joe Rand, Emily Corning, and Amanda and AD Adedapo about how to tap into the local network and community to expand your target market and create meaningful connections and referrals.
– Inman Access provides a library of content for real estate professionals to expand their knowledge.
– There are options to join Inman Access and watch the full video discussion.


Explore endless learning possibilities with Inman Access, your go-to resource for easy-to-digest educational classes. This week we’re putting the spotlight on the importance of community and what it can mean for your business.

Joe Rand of Howard Hanna | Rand Realty sits down with Emily Corning, Hustle & Heart Homes, and Amanda and AD Adedapo of Dapo Group for a candid discussion about the importance of community for your business. Discover how to tap into your local network and community to expand your target market and create meaningful connections and referrals.

Dive into the conversation and watch the full video above with Inman Access. Watchable anytime and on any device, Inman Access provides a library of content designed to expand your knowledge as a real estate professional.

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