4 Family-Friendly Ways Trunk Or Treating Connects Your Community

Key Takeaways:

– Trunk-or-treat events are a great way to give back to the community and promote your business.
– Real estate agents can benefit from hosting or endorsing trunk-or-treat events.
– Hosting a trunk-or-treat event helps strengthen community bonds and showcases agents as community leaders.
– The focus should be on service rather than selling, demonstrating a commitment to giving back.
– Hosting trunk-or-treat events contributes positively to children’s experiences and aligns with the mission of creating homes.
– Trunk-or-treat events provide a branding boost and an opportunity for potential clients to interact with agents in a relaxed environment.
– Trunk-or-treat events involve participants decorating their vehicles and distributing treats to children in a safe and fun environment.
– Real estate agents can engage with families and make a lasting positive impression through trunk-or-treat events.
– Starting planning early is key for organizing a successful trunk-or-treat event.


Whether you’re hosting or sponsoring, trunk-or-treat events are a great way to give back to your community while promoting your business. Coach Darryl Davis offers tips for connecting this Halloween.

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Ever experienced the joy of a trunk-or-treat event? Not only are they fun-filled (sometimes with a side of chocolate) and able to bring community members together, but they also provide a safer environment for children during the Halloween festivities.

While collaborating with my company president, Julie Escobar, a couple of years ago to bring something fun to our coaching members for the holiday, we recognized the immense potential of real estate agents either hosting or endorsing such an iconic Halloween activity. For those agents keen on establishing themselves as trusted neighborhood experts, here are some compelling reasons why hosting a trunk or treat is beneficial.

1. It helps strengthen the community bond

By organizing events like a trunk or treat, agents can foster closer relationships within the community. It’s a golden opportunity for the community to connect with agents without any formal barriers. Plus, it showcases agents as not just professionals but also community leaders who care about local events and traditions.

2. Service over selling

This is big for us. We are committed to “serving, not selling.” It’s just a different business model entirely — one that helps them feel more authentic and ditches that “salesy” label no one really wants.

Hosting a trunk or treat emphasizes an agent’s commitment to giving back to the community. It’s an authentic approach that resonates with people and goes beyond mere business transactions.

3. Making a difference

For those familiar with our organization’s ethos, the emphasis on children’s welfare is everything. What can we say? We’re saps when it comes to kids and want to do whatever we can to help build a better, safer world for them.

By hosting such events, agents contribute positively to kids’ experiences and memories. Remember, as an agent, you don’t just sell houses, you create homes. Enhancing the community’s quality of life, especially for children, aligns seamlessly with this mission.

4. Branding boost

A trunk-or-treat event is an innovative way for agents to get their brand out in the community. It provides a chance for potential clients to interact with agents in a relaxed environment, which can lead to more organic business conversations and, ultimately, transactions.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Here’s what a trunk or treat entails

It’s essentially a vibrant tailgating party with a Halloween twist. Participants gather in a parking area, decorating their vehicles and loading them with treats. Children, dressed in their favorite Halloween costumes, move from vehicle to vehicle, collecting goodies.

These events often feature games, raffles, snacks, face painting and various activities that add an extra layer of joy for kids.

For real estate agents, this event is an invaluable avenue to engage with families and make a lasting positive impression. Partnering with local schools or PTAs can also be a fantastic way to amplify the reach of such events.

Given the many components involved in planning a trunk or treat, starting early is key. Like now. 

Trunk or treat isn’t just about Halloween festivities; it’s about community, connection and caring. For real estate agents, it’s a strategic yet heartfelt way to embed themselves in the community they serve. So, gear up, and go out and create memories together.

Darryl Davis is the CEO of Darryl Davis Seminars. Connect with him on Facebook or YouTube

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