2024 And Beyond: Supercharge Your Business With Top AI Tools

Key Takeaways:

– The old way of doing business is over and it’s important to adapt to today’s market challenges and prepare for future opportunities.
– Inman Access offers easy-to-digest classes to expand knowledge, with a focus on the importance of persistence and following up with clients.
– Phil Stringer, CEO and founder of The AI Agent Academy, discusses the trends reshaping industries and provides new tools to implement in 2024.
– Inman Access provides a library of content designed to expand knowledge as a real estate professional, accessible anytime and on any device.
– The website offers the opportunity to join Inman Access and access their resources.
– There are social media plugins and analytics tools integrated into the website.


Expand your knowledge with Inman Access, offering a library of easy-to-digest classes across a variety of categories. This week, we’re highlighting the importance of persistence and how following up with clients can make a world of difference for your business.

Discover the pulse of the future as Phil Stringer, CEO and founder of The AI Agent Academy, dives deep into the trends reshaping industries. From breakthrough technologies to innovative strategies, this presentation is your front-row seat to the next wave of business evolution. Not only does Stringer guide us through new tools to implement in 2024, his free resource is available for download here. 

Dive into the conversation and watch the full video above with Inman Access. Watchable anytime and on any device, Inman Access provides a library of content designed to expand your knowledge as a real estate professional.

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