This startup wants you to radically reimagine the local handyman

Key Takeaways:

– The home service industry is fragmented, with various players like independent contractors and platforms.
– Honey Homes offers a membership system where homeowners are provided with a dedicated handyman.
– The membership starts at $2,952 annually or $295 monthly and covers various household tasks.
– The target audience for Honey Homes is busy families who already have providers for other services.
– Honey Homes aims to provide a better lifestyle by upgrading homes in areas that bring comfort and joy.
– The company has full-time employees who receive benefits and professional development opportunities.
– Founded in 2021, Honey Homes matches homeowners and maintenance professionals in San Francisco and Dallas.
– The company plans to expand to other markets in the next few years.
– Honey Homes raised $9 million in Series A funding and introduced a new product called Home Health.
– Home Health offers a comprehensive evaluation and customized maintenance plan for homes.
– Andrew Ladd, a former senior director at DoorDash, will oversee project development for Honey Homes.
– The company has doubled its customer base to 1,000 members in the last three months.


Though the home service industry is worth $500 billion, it remains a highly fragmented space occupied by a variety of players: independent contractors, platforms such as Angie TaskRabbit, as well as white label concierge firms like LiveEasy.

Vishwas Prabhakara has a new twist to offer. Through a membership system, his startup Honey Homes provides its clients, the homeowners, with the services of a dedicated, salaried handyman. One of the goals of the company, Prabhakara told HousingWire, is to build a partnership between a homeowner and a handyperson based on “consistency and trust.”

The base price for the membership starts at $2,952 for an annual plan and $295 per month for a monthly plan. It provides a household with one dedicated handy person who is able to complete tasks around the house, such as caulking, grouting, patching, paint touch-ups, TV hanging, installations, furniture assembly as well as “minor electrical and plumbing jobs.” Jobs that require a licensed specialist are not covered by the monthly membership, the additional cost will have to be shouldered by the homeowners. 

Prabhakara identified busy families as his company’s target audience. These families usually have providers for childcare, house cleaning as well as landscaping. But they rarely have a dedicated home maintenance professional, Prabhakara said.

“One of the big beliefs I have is that home maintenance, while really important, is actually not the thing that people want to buy,” Prabhakara told HousingWire. “They want to buy a better lifestyle. And with our handymen, this is what people are actually asking us to do. They want  to upgrade their home in all the areas that bring them comfort and joy.”

Honey Homes has full-time employees who receive healthcare, PTO, parental leave, as well as “ongoing professional development opportunities.” Founded in 2021, the startup matches homeowners and home maintenance professionals in the San Francisco Bay area as well as Dallas through their app

Over the next couple of years, Prabhakara hopes to expand his company to additional markets.

“Over the next couple years, we should be able to be in the top 20 metros across the country,” he said.

The Honey Homes roadmap

Over the summer, Honey Homes notched Series A funding to grow the company’s presence and improve its technology. It raised $9 million in Series A funding led by Khosla Ventures. DoorDash co-founders Tony Xu and Stanley Tang, Lyft co-founder Logan Green, Opendoor co-founder Eric Wu and Mercury co-founder Immad Akhund also invested in that round.

It has led to the company rolling out a new product, Home Health, which will provide new customers with a professional who will execute a “top-to-bottom” evaluation of a home’s major appliances, systems and fixtures. After that evaluation, the handyman will be able to come up with a customized, annual home maintenance plan, which he will execute.

Andrew Ladd, Honey Homes’ latest recruit and former senior director at DoorDash, will oversee all project development for the company.

Honey Homes doubled its customer base over the last three months to 1,000 members, the company said.

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Property Chomp’s Take:

Hey there! Let’s talk about

, a startup that is revolutionizing the home service industry.

is a membership-based platform that connects homeowners with dedicated handypersons. Unlike other players in the industry,

focuses on building long-term partnerships based on consistency and trust.

So, how does it work? Well, homeowners can sign up for an annual or monthly membership starting at $2,952 and $295 respectively. With this membership, they get access to a dedicated handy person who can take care of various tasks around the house, including caulking, grouting, patching, paint touch-ups, TV hanging, installations, furniture assembly, and minor electrical and plumbing jobs. However, any jobs that require a licensed specialist are not covered by the membership, and homeowners will have to bear the additional cost.

The target audience for

is busy families who already have providers for childcare, house cleaning, and landscaping but lack a dedicated home maintenance professional. The company understands that people don’t necessarily want to buy home maintenance services, but rather a better lifestyle. And that’s what

aims to deliver – an upgraded home experience that brings comfort and joy to homeowners.

What sets

apart from other platforms is its commitment to its employees. The company has full-time handypersons who receive benefits like healthcare, paid time off, parental leave, and ongoing professional development opportunities. By treating its employees well,

ensures that homeowners receive top-notch service from skilled and motivated professionals.

Since its founding in 2021,

has been operating in the San Francisco Bay area and Dallas. However, the company has ambitious plans for expansion. Founder Vishwas Prabhakara aims to be in the top 20 metros across the country in the next couple of years, offering its unique membership model to homeowners nationwide.

To support its growth,

recently raised $9 million in Series A funding led by Khosla Ventures. Notable investors in this round include the co-founders of DoorDash, Lyft, Opendoor, and Mercury. This funding has allowed

to improve its technology and launch a new product called Home Health. Home Health provides customers with a comprehensive evaluation of their home’s major appliances, systems, and fixtures. Based on this evaluation, a customized annual home maintenance plan is created and executed by the dedicated handy person.

To drive its project development,

has brought on board Andrew Ladd, a former senior director at DoorDash. With his expertise, the company aims to further enhance its services and offerings.

The results speak for themselves –

has already doubled its customer base in the last three months, with 1,000 members now benefiting from its unique membership model.

So, if you’re a homeowner looking for consistent and trustworthy home maintenance services, give

a try. With their dedicated handypersons and focus on delivering a better lifestyle,

is changing the game in the home service industry.

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