Real Adds 56 Real Estate ‘Legends’ In Northern California

Key Takeaways:

– Real Brokerage has acquired Legends Real Estate in Sacramento, led by John Pope.
– The acquisition adds 56 agents to Real Brokerage.
– John Pope has been in the industry for 45 years and brings a unique level of tenure to the company.
– Pope’s decision to join Real Brokerage reflects the draw of the company’s culture and resources.
– Real Brokerage continues to expand and gain influence in the market despite challenging conditions.
– Legends Real Estate has achieved a total transaction value of over $204 million since its founding in late 2022.


Real Brokerage has added 56 agents through the acquisition of Legends Real Estate in Sacramento led by John Pope, a 45-year veteran of the industry.

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Real is apparently still “on fire.”

The brokerage is living up to comments made by its CEO Tamir Poleg at Inman Connect Las Vegas with its latest news, a 56-agent expansion into northern California.

The company announced in an Oct. 13 press release the onboarding of the John Pope-led team at Legends Real Estate.

Based in Folsom, and active throughout the Golden State capital of Sacramento, John Pope has been selling homes for 45 years and will bring a unique level of tenure to the fast-growing, tech-forward residential brand.

Sharran Srivatsaa, Real’s president, expressed how Pope’s alignment with the brand reflects what it stands for in today’s market.

“His decision to roll his firm into Real reinforces the draw of the ”One Real” culture to independent brokerages who are looking for a place where teamwork and collaboration thrive as well as the resources of a global platform,” Srivatsaa said in a statement.

Pope was one the nation’s youngest franchise owners in the late 1970s, owning a Century 21 outfit and going on to win numerous sales and industry awards as he grew alongside the booming population of the area in which he practiced. Pope came from a real estate family; his father was a prominent agent in southern California during the height of its monumental growth throughout the 1950s and 60s. His grandfather was an Orange County farmer-turned-developer.

There are few better examples of being in the right place at the right time than the Pope family, an experience that will no doubt translate into significant growth for Real throughout California’s forested northern landscapes.

“It’s important to change with the market,” said Pope in the statement. ”We looked at a number of different business models and were blown away by the leadership and culture at Real. The company’s business model aligns with how I’ve done business. My agents will benefit from being part of a bigger organization, and I look forward to doing what I love – helping agents succeed.”

Despite a market restrained by unfavorable interest rates and high, stagnant prices, Real’s influence continues to spread, with Srivatsaa, his CTO Pritesh Damani and Real founder and CEO Tamir Poleg picking up Inman’s 2023 Innovator Award in Las Vegas in August.

“Founded in late 2022, Legends’ total transaction value exceeds $204 million,“ the release stated.

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Property Chomp's Take:

Real Brokerage, a fast-growing residential brand, has expanded its reach into northern California with the acquisition of Legends Real Estate in Sacramento. Led by industry veteran John Pope, the team at Legends Real Estate brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Real Brokerage.

With 45 years of experience in selling homes, John Pope will bring a unique level of tenure to Real Brokerage. Based in Folsom and active throughout Sacramento, Pope has witnessed the booming population and monumental growth of the area throughout his career. Coming from a real estate family, Pope's decision to join Real Brokerage reflects the company's alignment with his own business values.

Real Brokerage's president, Sharran Srivatsaa, expressed his excitement about Pope's decision to join the company, stating that it reinforces the draw of the "One Real" culture and the resources of a global platform. Pope's firm, Legends Real Estate, will benefit from being part of a larger organization, while Pope himself can continue doing what he loves - helping agents succeed.

Despite a market constrained by unfavorable interest rates and high, stagnant prices, Real Brokerage continues to expand its influence. The company's CEO, Tamir Poleg, along with Srivatsaa and CTO Pritesh Damani, recently won Inman's 2023 Innovator Award, further solidifying Real Brokerage's position as a tech-forward residential brand.

Founded in late 2022, Legends Real Estate has achieved a total transaction value exceeding $204 million. With the addition of the John Pope-led team, Real Brokerage is poised for significant growth throughout California's forested northern landscapes.

Real Brokerage's expansion into northern California demonstrates its commitment to providing top-tier service and expertise to clients in new markets. With the acquisition of Legends Real Estate, the company continues to build its reputation as a leader in the real estate industry.

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