Luxury Realty Group launches new AI avatar to assist homebuyers

Key Takeaways:

– Luxury Realty Group launched beta testing for its conversational AI services website
– Clients can interact orally with an avatar to list home preferences
– Users can also type search criteria and save them for future use
– Avatar can take buyers on property tours and share personal backstories
– Luxury Realty Group partnered with and Talega Systems for the AI website


Luxury Realty Group, a subsidiary of Luxury Realty Group Holdings, launched the beta testing for its conversational AI services website, the company announced on Tuesday. The product will be available across its brokerage operations in Las Vegas

Luxury Realty Group’s clients will be able to interact orally with an avatar, listing the criteria of their home of choice, with the platform subsequently generating tailored listings to match these preferences.

Users will also be able to type compound-specific search criteria, similar to other AI-powered chatbot solutions. There will also be the possibility to save search criteria for future use, a company news release stated.

The conversational avatar will take prospective buyers on a property tour to uncover more details. The avatar will also be able to share personal backstories about the house to further connect with the consumer. 

The luxury real estate brokerage firm partnered with and Talega Systems to begin beta testing its AI conversational website.

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One company that is utilizing the power of technology and AI to enhance the real estate experience is Luxury Realty Group. Their subsidiary, Luxury Realty Group Holdings, recently launched the beta testing for their conversational AI services website, This innovative platform will be available in Las Vegas, offering clients a unique way to interact with property listings.

With, clients can engage in conversations with an avatar to specify their home preferences. The platform will then generate tailored listings that match these criteria, providing a personalized and efficient way to search for properties. Users also have the option to save their search criteria for future use, streamlining the home-buying process.

One of the standout features of is the ability for users to take a virtual property tour with the conversational avatar. This interactive experience allows prospective buyers to explore properties in detail and learn more about the backstory of each home. By incorporating AI technology, Luxury Realty Group is revolutionizing the way people search for and connect with real estate listings.

To bring this innovative platform to life, Luxury Realty Group partnered with and Talega Systems, two companies specializing in AI and chatbot solutions. Through this collaboration, they have created a cutting-edge website that is set to redefine the real estate industry.

In conclusion,

tags play a crucial role in web development, allowing developers to structure content effectively. Luxury Realty Group’s launch of demonstrates how technology and AI can enhance the real estate experience, providing clients with a personalized and interactive way to search for properties. With the beta testing underway in Las Vegas, it will be exciting to see how this innovative platform transforms the home-buying process for clients in the luxury real estate market.

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