Negotiating With Concessions: A Game Changer For Agents

Key Takeaways:

– Inman Access is a tool for real estate professionals to gain exclusive insights and market trends.
– It provides top-notch analysis to help businesses succeed in the housing market.
– One of the topics covered is the top concessions that buyers and sellers are willing to negotiate on.
– Another topic is the skill of influential and persuasive communication, which can help scale a business faster.
– Subscribing to Inman Access can revolutionize a real estate journey and provide tactical skills to grow a business.


Supercharge your real estate expertise with Inman Access, the ultimate tool for industry professionals. Gain exclusive access to top-notch insights, market trends and expert analysis that will propel your business to new heights.

Learn from the experts…

What are the top five concessions buyers and sellers are willing to negotiate on to get a deal done? Join Nick Boniakowski, head of agent partnerships at Opendoor, and Inman reporter Jim Dalrymple II for strategies to better serve your clients and win more business in today’s complex housing market.


What is the one skill that, if you implemented it right now, would measurably improve your success? Entrepreneur and founder of Ninth Ambition, Sterling Caporale, dives into how influential and persuasive communication can help scale your business faster.

Subscribe to Inman Access now to revolutionize your real estate journey and gain tactical skills to grow your business.

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