HousingWire journalist wins prestigious data journalism award 

Key Takeaways:

– SABEW announced the winners of the 2023 Best in Business Awards for excellence in business journalism
– HousingWire journalist Will Robinson won the Data Journalism category for his series on real estate industry changes
– The series focused on three core trends in the 2023 real estate market
– HousingWire aims to integrate data and insights into their journalism
– The Best in Business Awards attracted entries from 181 news organizations
– HousingWire CEO Clayton Collins highlighted the company’s focus on media and data at the intersection of the housing industry
– The topics discussed in the series will be featured at HousingWire’s annual event, The Gathering
– HousingWire is an information services company providing data, research, journalism, and events for housing leaders to improve business outcomes
– The company’s vision is to provide a complete view of the housing market and connect housing leaders for better industry outcomes


The Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW) announced the winners of the 2023 Best in Business Awards, honoring excellence in business journalism from 2023.

HousingWire journalist Will Robinson won the Data Journalism category for his data reporting series on the seismic changes in the real estate industry. The series was published on HousingWire.com and the DataDigest newsletter, which was launched in 2023 in partnership with CoreLogic. Today the DataDigest newsletter reaches over 64,000 housing professionals each week. 

SABEW judges commented that, “Will’s articles take three different real estate topics and break them down using data and visuals to explain them in easily digestible packages. He used academic studies, company presentations and lobbying data that were complemented by charting skills.” 

The series focused on three core trends in the 2023 real estate market, and included analysis on buyer agent commissions, iBuyer performance in a declining market, and analysis of NAR’s lobbying efforts and impact.

“HousingWire wants to be the website where housing professionals begin and end their day. Part of that goal is tightly integrating data and insights into our journalism,” said Diego Sanchez, President of HousingWire. “We hired Will Robinson as our first data journalist, and as you can see from this award, the decision is paying off. Congratulations to Will and our entire award-winning newsroom!”

The Best in Business Awards attracted 1,103 entries from 181 news organizations, ranging from international, national and regional news outlets to specialized business publications. 

Clayton Collins, CEO of HousingWire added, “HousingWire is building at the intersection of media and data, and bringing the housing industry an information service that helps housing leaders advance their understanding and improve business outcomes. Editor in Chief Sarah Wheeler and Managing Editor James Kleimann live and breathe this vision. Their leadership empowers amazing journalists like Will Robinson to excel and serve our audience.” 

The topics discussed in this series will be prominently featured on the main stage at HousingWire’s annual event, The Gathering, which will be hosted in Scottsdale, Arizona April 21-24, 2024. 

About HousingWire

HousingWire is an information services company that provides unique data and research, respected business journalism and must-attend events for housing leaders to use to advance their understanding and business outcomes. Our vision is a world in which housing leaders have a complete view of the housing market, and a broad community of peers with whom they can connect. We are committed to delivering the data, analytics, media, and events that advance this vision. 

Because housing is too important for narrow perspectives and missed connections. Informed housing leaders are better housing leaders. A connected housing industry is a better housing industry. And the full picture always reveals new opportunities. Explore more at www.housingwire.com.

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