Debt-Ceiling Crisis Would Hit Housing Market Like A Hurricane

Key Takeaways:

– If the debt ceiling isn’t raised, higher mortgage rates will hurt home sales
– Upscale buyers are turning to luxe turnkey residences
– Experts share new outdoor kitchen ideas and trends
– Rising luxury second-home markets are luring buyers
– New York City multifamily Q1 2023 still a bright spot
– New study links air pollution to dementia
– 16 Mother’s Day gifts for the home 2023
– The blooming economy of home energy retrofits means new technology, new jobs, cleaner world
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If The Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised, Higher Mortgage Rates Will Hurt Home Sales“,”scope”:{“topStory”:{“index”:1,”title”:”If The Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised, Higher Mortgage Rates Will Hurt Home Sales”,”image”:”×0.jpg”,”isHappeningNowArticle”:false,”date”:{“monthDayYear”:”May 16, 2023″,”hourMinute”:”02:32″,”amPm”:”pm”,”isEDT”:true,”unformattedDate”:1684261964957},”uri”:””}},”id”:”abjm5cdr7h5400″},{“textContent”:”

Upscale Buyers Turning To Luxe Turnkey Residences“,”scope”:{“topStory”:{“index”:2,”title”:”Upscale Buyers Turning To Luxe Turnkey Residences”,”image”:”×0.jpg?cropX1=0&cropX2=1920&cropY1=99&cropY2=1178″,”isHappeningNowArticle”:false,”date”:{“monthDayYear”:”May 16, 2023″,”hourMinute”:”09:00″,”amPm”:”am”,”isEDT”:true,”unformattedDate”:1684242000000},”uri”:””}},”id”:”b6370fmpo4a800″},{“textContent”:”

Experts Share New Outdoor Kitchen Ideas And Trends“,”scope”:{“topStory”:{“index”:3,”title”:”Experts Share New Outdoor Kitchen Ideas And Trends”,”image”:”×0.jpg”,”isHappeningNowArticle”:false,”date”:{“monthDayYear”:”May 16, 2023″,”hourMinute”:”06:00″,”amPm”:”am”,”isEDT”:true,”unformattedDate”:1684231200000},”uri”:””}},”id”:”e9ngi830ka5400″},{“textContent”:”

Rising Luxury Second-Home Markets Luring Buyers“,”scope”:{“topStory”:{“index”:4,”title”:”Rising Luxury Second-Home Markets Luring Buyers”,”image”:”×0.jpg?cropX1=0&cropX2=2047&cropY1=123&cropY2=1083″,”isHappeningNowArticle”:false,”date”:{“monthDayYear”:”May 12, 2023″,”hourMinute”:”09:00″,”amPm”:”am”,”isEDT”:true,”unformattedDate”:1683896400000},”uri”:””}},”id”:”6lhm94gdio4g00″},{“textContent”:”

Still A Bright Spot: New York City Multifamily Q1 2023“,”scope”:{“topStory”:{“index”:5,”title”:”Still A Bright Spot: New York City Multifamily Q1 2023″,”image”:”×0.jpg”,”isHappeningNowArticle”:false,”date”:{“monthDayYear”:”May 11, 2023″,”hourMinute”:”09:24″,”amPm”:”am”,”isEDT”:true,”unformattedDate”:1683811455117},”uri”:””}},”id”:”8bhk08ifkbg800″},{“textContent”:”

New Study Links Air Pollution To Dementia“,”scope”:{“topStory”:{“index”:6,”title”:”New Study Links Air Pollution To Dementia”,”image”:”×0.jpg”,”isHappeningNowArticle”:false,”date”:{“monthDayYear”:”May 9, 2023″,”hourMinute”:”07:00″,”amPm”:”am”,”isEDT”:true,”unformattedDate”:1683630000000},”uri”:””}},”id”:”9fflppq6h6gg00″},{“textContent”:”

16 Mother’s Day Gifts For The Home 2023“,”scope”:{“topStory”:{“index”:7,”title”:”16 Mother’s Day Gifts For The Home 2023″,”image”:”×0.jpg”,”isHappeningNowArticle”:false,”date”:{“monthDayYear”:”May 8, 2023″,”hourMinute”:”03:55″,”amPm”:”pm”,”isEDT”:true,”unformattedDate”:1683575756646},”uri”:””}},”id”:”545rd0qje30000″},{“textContent”:”

The Blooming Economy Of Home Energy Retrofits Means New Technology, New Jobs, Cleaner World“,”scope”:{“topStory”:{“index”:8,”title”:”The Blooming Economy Of Home Energy Retrofits Means New Technology, New Jobs, Cleaner World”,”image”:”×0.jpg”,”isHappeningNowArticle”:false,”date”:{“monthDayYear”:”May 2, 2023″,”hourMinute”:”11:25″,”amPm”:”am”,”isEDT”:true,”unformattedDate”:1683041138609},”uri”:””}},”id”:”eai9o4og61lk00″}],”breakpoints”:[{“breakpoint”:”@media all and (max-width: 767px)”,”config”:{“enabled”:false}},{“breakpoint”:”@media all and (max-width: 768px)”,”config”:{“inView”:2,”slidesToScroll”:1}},{“breakpoint”:”@media all and (min-width: 1681px)”,”config”:{“inView”:6}}]};

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Property Chomp’s Take:

Hey there, did you catch the latest news on Forbes? They’ve got a list of their top stories from May 16, 2023, and it’s quite interesting. Apparently, if the debt ceiling isn’t raised, it could lead to higher mortgage rates and hurt home sales. That’s definitely something to keep an eye on if you’re in the market for a new home.

On a more positive note, luxury homebuyers are turning to turnkey residences, which makes sense considering how busy and demanding our lives have become. It’s always nice to have one less thing to worry about, especially when it comes to our homes.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your outdoor kitchen, Forbes also has an article on new ideas and trends from experts. It’s always fun to see what new features and designs are popular in the world of outdoor cooking.

Moving on to the luxury second-home market, rising markets are luring buyers, particularly in places like New York City. It’s exciting to see how different areas are evolving and becoming more attractive to potential buyers.

But it’s not all about luxury homes and markets. A new study has linked air pollution to dementia, which is a sobering reminder of the importance of clean air and environmental responsibility.

And let’s not forget about Mother’s Day! Forbes has a list of 16 gift ideas for the home, which is perfect for anyone who wants to spoil their mom and make her feel special.

Finally, there’s a piece on the booming economy of home energy retrofits and how it’s creating new jobs and technology while also promoting a cleaner world. It’s great to see how the housing industry is evolving and becoming more environmentally conscious.

That’s it for now, folks. Stay tuned for more updates on the world of homes and real estate.

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