More Commission Suit Fallout: Inman’s Top 5 Stories Of The Week

Key Takeaways:

– Inman’s upcoming events include Connect Miami, Luxury Connect, and Inman Connect Las Vegas.
– Inman Top 5 provides the most essential stories of the week.
– Keller Williams settlement leaves NAR and HomeServices of America with potential consequences.
– Keller Williams must inform franchisees that compensation offers are not required and revise training materials.
– NAR President Kevin Sears believes business will change for Realtors.
– A franchisor filed a petition to the Supreme Court regarding arbitration agreements.
– NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun predicts further declines in membership.
– The website includes Facebook and analytics integration.


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In the wake of the $70 million settlement by Keller Williams, NAR and HomeServices of America appear to be the ones left holding the bag. What happens next?

Under the proposed deal, Keller Williams must inform franchisees that offers of compensation are not required. It also agreed to revise training materials and end rules requiring agents to join NAR.

Screenshot of Jack Gately showing video of Kevin Sears’ appearance at Crush It in Real Estate in Boston on Feb. 1, 2024

In remarks made in Boston that were later posted online, new NAR President Kevin Sears declared business will change for Realtors — whether they embrace it or have it “forced down our throats.”

Credit: Katie Moum / Unsplash

The franchisor filed a petition to the Supreme Court on Friday requesting the review of an earlier appeals court ruling barring it from enforcing arbitration agreements signed by seller clients.

NAR interim CEO Nykia Wright, left, and President Kevin Sears, right.

NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun warned of “further declines in membership over the next 24 months” after NAR posted a 2.1 percent annual membership decline last month.

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