Low Inventory, High Rates: Where Do We Go From Here?

Key Takeaways:

– Inman is hosting upcoming real estate events including Connect Miami, Luxury Connect, and Inman Connect Las Vegas.
– Inman Access provides exclusive content and access to industry leaders.
– Keith James, Nancy Reynolds, and Bianca D’Alessio discuss the state of the real estate market and provide tips for maintaining growth.
– Inman Access offers a library of content to help stay ahead of the competition.
– There is an option to subscribe to Inman Access.
– Inman utilizes Facebook and analytics to connect with their audience.


Mark your calendars for the ultimate real estate experiences with Inman’s upcoming events! Dive into the future at Connect Miami, immerse in luxury at Luxury Connect, and converge with industry leaders at Inman Connect Las Vegas. Discover more and join the industry’s best at inman.com/events.

From cutting-edge market trends to expert advice, Inman Access empowers you to stay ahead of the game and elevate your real estate career. Join the community of industry leaders and gain access to exclusive content.

In this featured Inman Access class, Keith James, Coalition Properties Group, sits down with Nancy Reynolds, Rainmaker Real Estate, and Bianca D’Alessio, Nest Seekers International, to discuss the state of the market. These industry experts dive into how to look at the current landscape and areas to focus on to maintain growth in 2024. They share top tips like leaning into social media, getting back to the basics, leveraging your sphere and community, and more.

Tune in to Inman Access to watch the full video and uncover fresh approaches, must-have products, and tactical solutions that are helping to get more clients into homes. Watchable at any time, and on any device, Inman Access provides an entire library of must-see content to keep you ahead of your competition.

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