KW Settles, Team Moves On, NAR Video Reappears: Inman’s Top 5

Key Takeaways:

– Inman is hosting several upcoming real estate events, including Connect Miami, Luxury Connect, and Inman Connect Las Vegas.
– Inman Top 5 is a collection of the most essential stories of the week according to Inman readers.
– The proposed deal between Keller Williams and NAR includes informing franchisees that compensation offers are not required and revising training materials.
– NAR CEO Nykia Wright stated in a video that NAR does not set commissions and welcomes competition from AREA.
– Jimmy Burgess shares 10 prompts for real estate agents to generate leads, grow their business, and serve clients effectively.
– The former president of Keller Williams took a break from the industry to focus on being a dad and has returned to real estate.
– NAR was dismissed without any payment or rule changes, but The PLS may reopen the case if a deal is not reached.


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Under the proposed deal, Keller Williams must inform franchisees that offers of compensation are not required. It also agreed to revise training materials and end rules requiring agents to join NAR.

Screenshot from Jan. 31, 2024 video featuring NAR CEO Nykia Wright

In a video that abruptly vanished from NAR’s website Wednesday before resurfacing, Wright said the group does not set commissions — a practice it isn’t currently being accused of — and welcomed competition from AREA.

Jimmy Burgess shares 10 specific prompts designed for real estate agents that will help you generate leads, grow your business and serve your clients at the highest level possible.

The former Keller Williams president took a roughly three-year sabbatical from the industry while going all-in on being a dad. Team wasn’t sure he’d ever return to real estate — until he got to know Ryan Serhant.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

NAR was dismissed without paying any money or making any rule changes, but The PLS says it can reopen the case if they don’t come to a deal.

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