Earns Top 100 Finish On Global SEO Ranking List

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– German SEO platform SISTRIX ranked as the 43rd fastest-growing domain in the U.S.
– SISTRIX has been ranking domains for 15 years and measures domains for organic visibility growth and declines on
– is the only real estate site to make the 2023 IndexWatch list.
– CoStar Group founder and CEO, Andy Florance, expressed his appreciation for the recognition and highlighted the platform’s focus on providing high-quality content.
– SISTRIX measured a total of 100 million domains and found that’s visibility points increased from 20.94 to 43.54.
– The ranking adds to the ongoing competition between and in terms of website traffic.
– CoStar Group announced that had surpassed as the second-biggest residential portal in the U.S.
– Florance defended the validity of’s traffic statistics and emphasized the use of Google Analytics as the gold standard.
– The next round of statistics is expected to be released during CoStar Group’s fourth-quarter earnings.


German search engine optimization (SEO) platform SISTRIX ranked portal No. 43 on a list of fastest-growing domains in the U.S. The company has been ranking domains for 15 years.

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German search engine optimization (SEO) platform SISTRIX named as one of the 100 fastest-growing domains in the United States. The CoStar Group-owned portal was the only real estate site to make the 2023 IndexWatch, which focuses on domains with the strongest organic visibility growth and declines on

Andy Florance

“It is an honor to be recognized by SISTRIX’s IndexWatch 2023 for the significant growth and awareness that has experienced throughout 2023,” CoStar Group founder and CEO Andy Florance said in a statement on Friday. “We set out to create a platform with the highest quality content on neighborhoods, schools, and parks that benefits homebuyers and all agents.”

SISTREX measured a total of 100 million domains for 100 million keywords on Google. The U.S. accounted for nearly 2,500 of the domains included in the list, which is split into four categories measuring the domains with the biggest increases and decreases in absolute visibility and absolute percentage growth.’s index score — which SISTREX calls visibility points — increased from 20.94 in February 2023 to 43.54 in January 2024.

“This visibility growth is a testament not only to the quality of the product but to the quality of our team for consistently producing the best user experience,” Florance said.

The SISTRIX list adds another layer to the months-long traffic battle between and

In October, CoStar Group announced had usurped as the nation’s second-biggest residential portal. CoStar Group said’s monthly unique visitors jumped from 46.3 million in August to 100 million in September — a whopping 117 percent change. Competitors doubted’s triple-digit growth and claimed CoStar inflated numbers through copious paid advertising.

At Inman Connect New York, Florance and CEO Damian Eales addressed the traffic drama during their respective sessions on the conference’s main stage. Eales stopped short of calling Florance a liar, instead choosing to liken the CEO’s traffic claims to a student “marking [their] own homework.”

Still, Florance stood by the validity of’s traffic while hinting the next round of statistics expected to come during CoStar Group’s fourth-quarter earnings might be just as unbelievable to competitors as the last.

“[We use] Google Analytics, and it’s widely accepted as the gold standard,” he said. “It is how has reported their numbers for the last decade, how Zillow reported the numbers for the last decade, how Redfin reports.”

“We can’t lie,” he added. “If I lie about a number in public company reporting, I go to jail four times as long as you’d go to jail for shooting someone in the head in the street. Public companies don’t make these things up.”

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