WeWork Goes Bankrupt, Home Buyers Give Up, Zillow Stock Plunges

Key Takeaways:

– The NAR lawsuit verdict has caused a downturn in real estate-related stock prices for companies like Zillow, Compass, and Redfin.
– The future of buying and selling real estate may be affected by this verdict.
– Commercial real estate is experiencing a sales slump and is expected to have an even slower year in 2024.
– WeWork has filed for bankruptcy, indicating a decline in the office space market.
– Half of Americans believe that now is a bad time to buy real estate, but the article suggests that buying with high mortgage rates may not be a bad idea.


WeWork goes bankrupt, buying a house is deemed a “bad” idea, and Zillow stock has a fire sale thanks to the recent NAR lawsuit verdict. In other words, it’s just another day in the 2023 housing market. Didn’t have time to catch up on the news? Don’t worry; we’ll get you up to speed on everything happening in the world of real estate and how YOU can take advantage of this rocky market.

First, we’ll talk about how the NAR lawsuit verdict sent ripples throughout the economy, sending real estate-related stock prices way down for companies like Zillow, Compass, and Redfin. This verdict could mean a devastating blow to brokerages across the country, so what will the future of buying and selling be like? Next, we discuss commercial real estate‘s continuous slog and why top commercial executives expect an even SLOWER 2024. But there is some good news for buyers…

And if you love little offices and coworking spaces, we’re sorry because WeWork filed bankruptcy earlier this month as the office space gets battered. Finally, we’ll finish with a recent headline about how HALF of America thinks now is a BAD time to buy real estate. Are they wrong? Are they bad at math? Should you still be buying? We’ll answer all that and more on this episode!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • The NAR lawsuit’s ripple effects that will affect the entire real estate industry
  • Commercial real estate’s sales slump and why 2024 could bring even better deals
  • Why WeWork Won’tWork and what their massive bankruptcy means for the office space
  • America’s ongoing housing market pessimism and why buying with high mortgage rates ISN’T such a bad idea
  • And So Much More!

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Property Chomp’s Take:

Title: NAR Lawsuit Verdict, WeWork’s Bankruptcy, and the Rocky 2023 Housing Market: What You Need to Know


The real estate market in 2023 has been nothing short of eventful, with major developments that have far-reaching implications. In this article, we will delve into the recent NAR lawsuit verdict and its impact on the industry, WeWork’s bankruptcy, the commercial real estate slump, and the prevailing pessimism surrounding the housing market. Despite these challenges, we will also explore opportunities for buyers to navigate this rocky market successfully.

The NAR Lawsuit Verdict and its Ripple Effects

The recent NAR lawsuit verdict has sent shockwaves throughout the economy, causing real estate-related stock prices to plummet. Companies like Zillow, Compass, and Redfin have suffered significant losses. This verdict poses a potential devastating blow to brokerages nationwide, leaving many to question the future of buying and selling real estate. However, with adversity comes innovation, and the industry will likely adapt to new circumstances.

Commercial Real Estate’s Struggle and Forecast for 2024

The commercial real estate sector has faced a continuous slog in recent times, and top executives predict an even slower 2024. The pandemic has reshaped the way businesses operate, with remote work becoming the norm for many. As a result, demand for office space has declined, leaving commercial real estate struggling to find tenants. However, this presents an opportunity for buyers looking for commercial properties, as prices may become more favorable.

WeWork’s Bankruptcy and the Decline of Co-Working Spaces

WeWork, once a symbol of the modern workplace revolution, filed for bankruptcy earlier this month. The office space industry has been battered by the changing landscape of work dynamics, with remote work and flexible arrangements gaining popularity. This shift has significantly impacted the demand for co-working spaces. While this news may be disheartening for those who appreciate the concept of little offices and coworking spaces, it also signals a need for reimagining office space utilization in the future.

America’s Pessimism towards the Housing Market

A recent headline reveals that half of America believes that now is a bad time to buy real estate. This sentiment is likely influenced by concerns over high mortgage rates and uncertainty surrounding the market’s stability. However, it is essential to consider individual circumstances and long-term goals when assessing the viability of buying real estate. High mortgage rates may deter some buyers, but they can also create opportunities for negotiation and potentially favorable deals.

Navigating a Rocky Market: Opportunities for Buyers

Despite the challenges, the current housing market presents unique opportunities for buyers. With real estate-related stock prices down, it may be an opportune time to invest in companies like Zillow, Compass, and Redfin. Furthermore, the commercial real estate slump offers potential buyers the chance to acquire properties at more favorable prices. Additionally, while half of America believes it is a bad time to buy real estate, it is essential to conduct thorough research and consider individual circumstances before making any decisions.


The 2023 housing market has been marked by significant developments, including the NAR lawsuit verdict, WeWork’s bankruptcy, and the struggles of commercial real estate. While these events have created a rocky landscape, they also present opportunities for buyers willing to navigate the market strategically. By staying informed, conducting thorough research, and being open to innovative approaches, buyers can make the most of this challenging yet potentially rewarding market.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of BiggerPockets.

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