Start Your Next IG Conversation To Generate 10% More Business

Key Takeaways:

– The old way of doing business is over, and it’s important to invest in social media strategies that convert.
– A real estate agent should invest 10% of their commission back into marketing, including time for engagement.
– Building an engagement tracker can help identify where and whom to engage with on Instagram.
– The conversation formula includes acknowledging a post, entering nostalgia and storytelling, and asking a question.
– Moving the meeting involves using the connection established to ask for a meeting without being pushy.
– Executing the 45/20 strategy can result in creating 225 new conversations per week and two new opportunities/leads.
– Conversations on Instagram should start with acknowledgement, storytelling, and asking questions.
– Curiosity is key to keeping conversations going and building connections.


According to Instagram marketing expert Michelle Berman-Mikel, saying the right thing, then moving the conversation into the real world, can allow you to create a social media strategy that converts.

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels on Instagram? Beyond boosting your content and getting verified, how do you use smart strategies to make sure that you are investing in your social platform in the best way possible? A great place to start is identifying a metric to measure with.

Ten percent. That is the magic number, and it’s the general rule of thumb for how much a real estate agent should put back into their marketing from their commission. One thing that many agents get wrong is that 10 percent isn’t just money; it is also time to work on engagement.

Savvy agents know that investing in their marketing will help their pipeline stay steady with prospects in an economy where every dollar counts. This guide will show you essential areas to focus on when building a marketing plan that invests back into your most important asset: Yourself. 

We will review Instagram techniques to boost your leads, level up your engagement and put that 10 percent to work in ways you have never thought about. These simple strategies will take your doom scroll to a power play with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Not sure how to start a conversation? With these easy prompts, your leads will be engaged and ready to move from your DM’s to your next open house.

Start with creating simple funnels to capture leads

Instagram, if executed strategically, will not only provide you with more relationships but will also strengthen old ones. The best part is that it provides an opportunity to prospect on a saleable level, unlike any other platform.

How can you shift your 10 percent to the platform and be successful? Let’s dive into the three steps in the Instagram lead funnel that will create more opportunities and higher conversion.

Take the time to build your engagement tracker

Knowing where to engage and whom to engage with is the first key ingredient to setting yourself up for success on the Instagram platform. By building out your tracker, you will confidently know where to begin each day. There’ll be no aimless scrolling and uncertain searching, but, instead, you’ll have planned out and structured categories for who to talk to, based on who you are trying to attract.

The fundamentals of the tracker are simple. Each day has a category, and two of the five days of the week are non-negotiables. These two days are “following day” and “re-engage” day. The other three should be ideal client categories. Make a two-week cycle if you need more days to structure out.

When choosing the categories, it is based on your ideal client; just a “first-time homebuyer” does not qualify. You must get specific and hyper-focused. It will help you have conversations about things you are passionate about, make the opportunity for the “ask” easier because it is rooted in connection first, and will allow you to get way more yesses.

People who like you and feel connected to you are likelier to say yes to you. 

 Execute the conversation formula

What is the engagement strategy that will work best for generating prospecting and creating conversion? Here are the three parts to your initial touch point (reminder that all three of these pieces go into one message you send. This is the initial message you will send to someone when you are creating new engagement with them.)

  • Part 1: Acknowledge what the person posted. By doing so, you show that you not only saw it but also read it.
  • Part 2: Enter nostalgia and storytelling. This is how you subliminally share “what” you do without selling anything.
  • Part 3: Ask a question. Who, what, why, or how are great ways to start it.

 Move the meeting

The most critical piece to creating a conversion on Instagram is knowing when and how to move the meeting.

Moving the meeting requires using the connection you have established with the individual in your ask By doing so, you will avoid the slimy car salesman feeling, you will get more Yes’s, and you will better qualify the people you are talking to so that you are only on the phone with people who are ready to be there.

An additional side effect of this? Way less shopping around since the person you’re talking to is ready to work with you.

By executing the 45/20 strategy taught in this article, you will be looking at creating upwards of 225 new conversations per week. The funnel averages two new opportunities/leads per week when fully executed. When compounded over time, these numbers scale exponentially.

But how do you start that conversation?

Conversations are a necessary ingredient to creating conversions. The problem is that few are executing the conversations with intention, and even fewer can move the conversation to the next step, which allows for conversion to be on the table as a possibility.

We all know how important getting to know someone is, whether this is a new buyer or winning a listing. You dont walk into either of those appointments swinging, talking about business right away. You must build a connection.

So how do you do this with someone you are connecting with on Instagram? And how does it make for better phone calls, higher conversion rates, and less wastedtime on the phone with people who are not ready to speak with you?

The way you initiate contact can make or break the opportunity before you. Remember: You are choosing who these people are based on how you set up your engagement tracker. So, once you find those people, what do you say? Lets cover the three things every conversation should start with on Instagram.


The first piece of your message needs to acknowledge the post you are engaging with. Have you ever received a comment or a message that says, Awesome content” or This is great. Keep sharing more!They feel forced, spammy and lack acknowledgment.

The very act of acknowledgment has been defined as the recognition of the importance or quality of something.” When you identify and recognize the importance or quality of someone’s efforts, that person feels seen, heard, and understood.

That simple act can be the difference between someone responding to your message in a sea of others or not.

Below are a couple of examples of what true acknowledgment looks like:


The second piece of the initial message is equally important as acknowledgment but has a unique purpose.

This part of the message helps set you up to have conversations about work while also getting to know the person. It creates visibility for what you do without you coming straight out and saying it or asking for business.

This makes it easier to transition the conversation from personal to business. In this part of the message, you can tell a story about a client you recently worked with. You can use nostalgia with “This reminds me so much of X client I helpedor a personal example of when you did something.

It is common that people find it hard to transition from being personal to talking about real estate, and this addition to your message eases that.

How do you keep conversations going? Ask questions. The final piece to the initial message you send is remembering to live in a perpetual state of curiosity. The more genuinely curious you are, the more likely the person on the receiving end will feel it and respond accordingly.

A mindset of curiosity can help us connect new information and avoid dead-ends in conversations. Most people say, The conversation just stopped or came to a dead end.The power of curiosity comes from its ability to help us learn and grow. It stops us from becoming obsolete, fills our blind spots, and improves our self-awareness.

When we are self-aware, we will be better at recognizing points that the person we are communicating with is giving us. We can identify pain points and read between the lines.

Ending messages in questions generates more responses, allowing more conversations to continue. The more conversations continue the better and the fuller the funnel remains as we get closer to being ready to go for the ask and move the meeting.

The groundwork for growth

Simple funnels and a conversation strategy will help you move your 10 percent investment into new avenues for your business. Learning that it is not just money but also time that you need to invest in your conversations on Instagram will help you start leveraging more authentic conversations that will push your marketing just a little further in an already crowded space.

Active prospecting is always time intensive, but if done correctly, the set up can alleviate a lot of the heavy lifting. Building out your engagement tracker ensures you’re strategic, efficient and always actively looking for new leads that fit your ideal client.

Michelle Berman Mikel is a nationally sought-after Instagram Content Development coach, speaker, owner of Berman Media PD and creator of the Instagram Power Method Program. You can connect with her on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Property Chomp's Take:

According to Instagram marketing expert Michelle Berman-Mikel, creating a successful social media strategy involves saying the right thing and then moving the conversation into the real world. In today's competitive market, it's important for real estate agents to invest in their marketing efforts, both financially and with their time, in order to stay ahead.

One metric to consider when allocating resources to marketing is the 10 percent rule. This means that agents should reinvest 10 percent of their commission back into their marketing efforts. However, it's not just about money; it's also about investing time in engaging with potential clients.

To make the most of Instagram as a marketing platform, agents need to focus on boosting leads and increasing engagement. This can be achieved by following a few simple strategies that can easily be implemented on a smartphone.

The first step is to create simple funnels to capture leads on Instagram. This platform provides a unique opportunity to prospect on a saleable level, unlike any other platform. By shifting 10 percent of resources to Instagram, agents can increase their chances of success.

A crucial aspect of a successful Instagram strategy is building an engagement tracker. This involves knowing where and whom to engage with on the platform. By planning out and structuring categories for engagement, agents can avoid aimless scrolling and focus on attracting their ideal clients.

Once engagement has been established, agents need to execute a conversation formula to generate prospecting and conversions. This formula consists of three parts: acknowledging the person's post, sharing a personal story or example related to the post, and asking a question to keep the conversation going.

The final step in the Instagram lead funnel is moving the meeting. This involves using the connection established through engagement to ask for a meeting or phone call. By doing so, agents can avoid appearing pushy and increase their chances of converting leads into clients.

By following these strategies, agents can create upwards of 225 new conversations per week and average two new opportunities or leads per week. Over time, these numbers can scale exponentially and lead to increased success in the real estate market.

In conclusion, Instagram can be a powerful tool for real estate agents looking to boost their marketing efforts. By investing time and resources into the platform, agents can increase engagement, generate leads, and convert prospects into clients. It's time to embrace the new way of doing business and bet big on the future.

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