Broker Spotlight: Molly Jones And Joey Sutorius, The Agency Salt Lake City

Key Takeaways:

– Molly Jones and Joey Sutorius are managing partners of The Agency Salt Lake City and founders of the MOJO Group
– They have a combined experience of 23 years in the real estate industry
– The MOJO Group consistently ranks as one of the top teams in the country according to RealTrends
– The team consists of 15 members and completes over 100 transaction sides annually
– The Agency Salt Lake City’s agents closed nearly $100 million in sales volume in the past 12 months
– Jones and Sutorius have received multiple awards and recognition for their work in real estate
– They emphasize the importance of choosing the right agent and doing due diligence when hiring one
– They believe in taking a holistic approach to the real estate process and providing consistent resources to clients
– Sutorius wishes he knew earlier that real estate is a great investment and advises buying as much as possible
– One of the high points in their career was starting The Agency Salt Lake City and having their team join them
– They believe in focusing on people first and fostering skills for success, leading to easier recruitment and retention
– A good leader, according to Sutorius, is someone who leads with humility and is willing to do the work alongside their team
– They are proud to be aligned with The Agency and bring their level of service to the Salt Lake City community.


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Name: Molly Jones and Joey Sutorius

Title: Managing partners of The Agency Salt Lake City and founders of the MOJO Group

Experience: Jones has 10 years of experience and Sutorius has 13 years

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Brokerage full name: The Agency Salt Lake City

Rankings: The MOJO Group has consistently ranked on RealTrends as one of the top teams in the country

Team size: 15

Transaction sides: Over 100 transaction sides annually

Sales volume: The Agency Salt Lake City’s agents closed nearly $100 million in the prior 12 months, and the MOJO Group agents have closed over $500 million during their tenure

Awards: President’s Circle Award 2020- 2022: Both Jones and Sutorius were rookies of the year for their first year in the business. Jones was featured on the cover of Utah Business Magazine as a “20 in their 20s” recipient and was awarded Coldwell Banker’s International “30 under 30” award. Sutorius received Coldwell Banker’s President’s Award.

What do you wish more people knew about working in real estate?

Jones: There truly is a difference in the services provided from one agent to the next, and as buyers and sellers you should do some real due diligence about who you are hiring. The industry is very saturated, and there is no required playbook to follow; for this reason, not all agents are created equal.

A professional agent will be someone you will work with for life because they will be committed to providing you consistent resources that go far beyond the “sale.” The right agent will be a treasure trove of knowledge and have connections that will not only save but make you money over time, and the value of working with them when you buy and sell a property is being able to gain access to their rolodex and experience for life.

We have always considered ourselves as real estate advisors, because we take a holistic approach to the entire process and that goes far beyond just one sale. We are proud to have the Agency’s tools at our disposal to be able to offer consistent valuable information to our clients and to be among industry experts worldwide to gain insights from them that we can share with our clients, as well.

What’s something you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Sutorius: My wife and I purchased our first home together at the absolute top of the real estate market in the spring of 2007. The market crashed almost immediately after. We then spent the next several years being house-poor and completely upside down in terms of equity.

When I became a Realtor a few years later, because of our experience buying our home, I became a very cautious agent. I found myself working almost exclusively with buyers who needed a place to live regardless of how great of an investment it was.

I did not push as hard as I should; I didn’t buy up investment properties myself, and I was nervous to work with investors because I had that fear of the market crashing in the back of my mind. As it turns out, the home that I purchased for top dollar in 2007 is worth hundreds of thousands more now than it was then; it was still a solid investment.

I wish I would have known that real estate is a great investment, and to buy as much of it as I reasonably and responsibly could. Buy the house, buy the duplex, buy the property. Even in this high-interest rate market, buy the house. If interest rates keep going up, you will be glad you purchased when you did; if they go down, refinance.

As long as you’re not looking at real estate as a “short-term” investment, this market is ripe with opportunities. Work with a great agent who understands what those opportunities are and who can guide you in that process.

Tell us about a high point in your brokerage career

Jones: One of the best moments in my career was when we announced to our team that we were starting The Agency Salt Lake City and that we wanted them all to come with us. Making a brokerage change is a huge commitment for an agent, and while I knew that we had really fostered an incredible environment for the agents on our team, there’s always some uncertainty that what makes business sense for us is going to translate to those who work for you.

Every single one of our agents made the leap with us to The Agency, and seeing what this incredible brand has already done to elevate them all has been so rewarding. Seeing their commitment to us served as such crucial motivation for us to continue our commitment to our agents in everything that we do as we grow the company.

What’s your top tip for freshly licensed brokers?

Jones: Focus on the people first, and the profit will follow. The cost of retention is so much lower than the cost of recruitment, and so many leaders tend to overlook the value of the people right in front of them.

There is always such a heavy emphasis on recruiting in this industry, and if you instead focus on fostering the skills and committing to the success of people who are already bought into your company, you’ll experience so much more success and create an environment that ultimately makes recruiting easier.

The Agency brand makes retention so much easier because the tools and services they provide are absolutely next-level and make it easy for our incredible agents to showcase their clients’ properties and set themselves apart as industry leaders.

What makes a good leader?

Sutorius: There are many characteristics that need to combine to make a great leader, but I believe the main ingredient is humility. I joined the military after 9/11 and deployed to southern Iraq in 2007.

Our platoon sergeant was a soft-spoken mechanic from a small town in rural Utah. He was not the prototypical platoon sergeant and was not what most people would picture when thinking of a military leader. He was laid back, and a little rough around the edges, but he led his men with humility and every single one of us in that platoon would have done anything this man asked without hesitation.

He was a great leader because he was humble; there was no ego when he gave commands, and we knew he wasn’t perfect, but knowing that made us respect him even more. If we had a tough job to do, he was right there doing it with us. He treated everyone with love and respect, regardless of rank or favor.

This man taught me the power of leading with humility, and I have always told our agents that I will never ask them to do something that I myself am not willing to do. I set time aside every week to work with our junior agents on the cornerstones of their business, and by working alongside them I hope they can see that successful people get that way with consistency, and by never being too “good,” too “busy” or too “important” to go back to the basics.

We experienced this same leadership quality in the Agency’s CEO Mauricio Umansky when we visited their sales meeting in Beverly Hills. He not only set time aside to meet with us even though he had back-to-back meetings, but was right there alongside his agents, doing the work and being even more excited for their wins than in sharing his own.

This, among so many other amazing qualities, is why we are so excited to be aligned with The Agency, and we couldn’t be more proud to lead The Agency Salt Lake City and bring this level of service to our community.

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Property Chomp's Take:

The real estate industry is constantly evolving, and it's important for professionals to adapt to the changing landscape. Molly Jones and Joey Sutorius, managing partners of The Agency Salt Lake City and founders of the MOJO Group, understand this concept well. With a combined 23 years of experience in the industry, they have witnessed the transformation firsthand and have successfully navigated through market challenges.

One of the key lessons they have learned is the importance of finding the right agent. As buyers and sellers, it is crucial to do thorough research and select an agent who can provide exceptional services. Jones emphasizes that not all agents are created equal, and a professional agent will be committed to providing consistent resources beyond just the "sale." They will be a valuable source of knowledge and connections that can benefit clients in the long run.

Jones and Sutorius consider themselves real estate advisors who take a holistic approach to the entire process. They are proud to have access to The Agency's tools, which enable them to offer valuable information to their clients and gain insights from industry experts worldwide. This allows them to provide top-notch service and ensure their clients' success.

Reflecting on their own experiences, Sutorius shares that he wishes he had known earlier that real estate is a great investment. He and his wife purchased their first home at the peak of the market in 2007, just before the market crashed. Despite the initial challenges, their home turned out to be a solid investment. Sutorius encourages others to take advantage of the current market opportunities and invest responsibly in real estate.

When asked about a high point in their brokerage career, Jones highlights the moment they announced the formation of The Agency Salt Lake City to their team. Making a brokerage change is a significant decision for agents, and Jones was thrilled to see that every single one of their agents made the leap with them. Witnessing the positive impact that The Agency has had on their team has been incredibly rewarding for Jones and Sutorius.

For freshly licensed brokers, Jones advises focusing on people first, as the profit will naturally follow. She emphasizes the value of retaining agents rather than constantly recruiting new ones. By fostering the skills and success of existing agents, brokers can create an environment that attracts top talent. The tools and services provided by The Agency make retention easier and enable agents to showcase their clients' properties effectively.

Sutorius believes that humility is the key characteristic of a good leader. He draws inspiration from his experience in the military, where he witnessed the power of leading with humility. He strives to lead by example and is always willing to do the work alongside his agents. Sutorius believes that successful people achieve consistency by never considering themselves too "good," "busy," or "important" to go back to the basics.

Jones and Sutorius are proud to be aligned with The Agency and its CEO, Mauricio Umansky, who exemplifies the qualities of a great leader. Umansky's dedication to his agents and willingness to work alongside them has inspired Jones and Sutorius to bring the same level of service to their community in Salt Lake City.

In conclusion, Molly Jones and Joey Sutorius are seasoned professionals who understand the changing dynamics of the real estate industry. Their commitment to providing exceptional service, investing in real estate, and fostering a supportive environment for their team sets them apart as industry leaders. They are excited to conquer market challenges and embrace future opportunities at Inman Connect New York.

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