Versatile Oppy Is Your Newest AI Pal: Tech Review

Key Takeaways:

– Oppy is software that helps users build AI business assistants.
– It can be integrated into browsers and mobile devices.
– It is ideal for agents at all levels, marketing managers, and office managers.
– The top selling points of Oppy are its simplicity of integration, focus on calendar and scheduling, integration with CRM and websites, the ability to build multiple assistants, and its ability to learn business content.
– The main concern is that some users may not fully realize the app’s potential due to a lingering reticence about artificial intelligence.
– Oppy has applications in various industries, but it is particularly useful in real estate due to the schedule-heavy nature of the business.
– The app is built on GPT4 and connects to users’ calendars and mapping tools to incorporate drive times into meeting alerts. It can also chat with website visitors to book appointments or share information.
– Oppy can learn users’ websites, talk to their CRM, discuss listings, and engage with the people they work with.
– Oppy is a productivity solution that can become an invisible partner for users.
– It requires some upfront configuration, but the backend is intuitive and the input requirements are minimal.
– Oppies can be fine-tuned with specific demands and can learn from specific web pages.
– Oppy can craft marketing content, such as listing descriptions and basic email follow-ups.
– It is gaining traction with larger brokerages, offering scheduling coordination for agents and office managers.
– Oppy has the potential to become a comprehensive AI business intelligence system.
– The Oppy team has tough decisions to make regarding the app’s future direction and potential use cases.


Oppy is software that anyone can use to build an AI assistant to pick up the pieces of a busy workday, from scheduling meetings with integrated drive times to ensuring that last lead received the information they needed.

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Oppy is software to help users build AI business assistants

Platforms: Browser; Mobile
Ideal for: Agents at all levels; marketing managers; office managers

Top selling points:

  • Simple to integrate
  • Calendar/scheduling focus
  • CRM/website integration
  • Build multiple “Oppies”
  • Learns business content

Top concerns:

Not many. I fear some may not fully realize the app’s potential given a still lingering reticence about artificial intelligence. The app will need fine-tuning as one learns to trust it with essential tasks.

What you should know

Oppy has applications in a range of industries but its appeal to real estate comes from the schedule-heavy nature of the business. Home tours, closings, listing presentations and general meetings can often pile up on an agent, and this is where Oppy shines.

The app, built on GPT4, connects to your calendar of choice, as well as to outside mapping tools to incorporate drive times into meeting alerts. It can also be front-end facing, meaning it can chat with folks on a website to book appointments or share information not as readily available.

Oppy can learn your website, talk to your CRM, discuss listings and generally engage you and the people you work with.

Oppy is a productivity solution, above all else. A lightweight, flexible business tool that I can envision becoming an invisible partner, a tool that you learn to rely on before you realize it.

Like all software, it requires some upfront configuration, but not much. The backend is intuitive, and its input requirements are quite minimal to get up and running. Your Oppy may stumble a little at first if the right connections aren’t made, but as one grows more comfortable with its uses, you’ll ask it to do more and build out more siblings, or additional Oppies.

I recommend building one first for scheduling. I like how the onboarding asks for “goals” from your Oppy. It makes the user think about their critical business tasks, i.e. what do you want the software to do for you, instead of, “Here’s a product that does only this.”

Oppies can be fine-tuned with specific demands as you go and feel more comfortable leaving it to handle interactions. Some of that maintenance may include adding specific web pages for it to learn via dropping in a URL.

One use case I can think of is a blog page, assuming the user keeps it relevant. By learning the blog’s content, the Oppy can access all kinds of community information, company news, client case studies and other blocks of relevant data that consumers use to make decisions.

Of course, your listing page, About Us and other such standards are good for the Oppy to know, too.

Like other AI assistants, Oppy can craft marketing content for you, mainly listing descriptions, but it could knock out some basic email follow-ups, assemble a stock closing information email or even a “What to expect when working with me” message to new clients.

I was told Oppy is getting traction with larger brokerages, which makes great sense. The more agents and deals and clients one has to manage, the more scheduling coordination an operation demands. Brokers or office managers can build an Oppy to learn sales meetings, continuing ed calendars, software updates and trainings, and then further segment them according to office.

The Real Brokerage has created what it calls Leo, an internally-powered AI business intelligence system. In a lighter fashion, this is what Oppy could do for an operation when properly trained and up to speed. As the application itself grows and its leadership gains more feedback on functionality, there’s a ton of potential, especially as more brokerages come on board.

In the spirit of full disclosure, upon seeing Oppy I mentioned that there’s a possible use case for helping/assisting attendees at Inman Connect navigate their visits, integrating everything from site maps to event agendas and speaker bios. I was told a meeting was on the books with Inman’s events team.

I think the Oppy team has some tough decisions to make in the near future. With an app this versatile, deciding on which lane to choose can be immensely challenging. Real estate is definitely a great initial choice. Check it out and see what I mean.

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Property Chomp's Take:

Introducing Oppy: Your AI Business Assistant

In today's fast-paced world, managing a busy workday can be overwhelming. From scheduling meetings to ensuring that leads receive the necessary information, there are countless tasks that demand our attention. That's where Oppy comes in – a powerful software that allows anyone to build their own AI assistant.

Oppy is designed to streamline your workflow and help you stay on top of your game. Whether you're a real estate agent, marketing manager, or office manager, Oppy is a versatile tool that can adapt to your specific needs. With its user-friendly platform, Oppy can be accessed through a browser or mobile device, making it accessible no matter where you are.

One of the key selling points of Oppy is its simplicity. It is easy to integrate into your existing systems, saving you time and effort. Its calendar and scheduling focus ensures that you never miss an important meeting or appointment. Oppy seamlessly connects to your preferred calendar and even incorporates drive times using mapping tools, providing you with accurate meeting alerts.

Moreover, Oppy can be integrated with your CRM system and website, allowing for seamless communication and data sharing. It can learn your business content and engage with your clients and colleagues. Oppy is not just a virtual assistant; it is a productivity solution that can become an invaluable partner in your day-to-day operations.

While some may still have reservations about artificial intelligence, Oppy has few concerns. Its potential is vast, and as users learn to trust it with essential tasks, its capabilities will only grow. Fine-tuning may be required initially, but as you become more comfortable with Oppy, you'll discover its true potential.

In the real estate industry, Oppy is particularly useful due to the nature of its schedule-heavy demands. Agents often find themselves juggling numerous home tours, closings, and meetings. Oppy's ability to handle these tasks with ease sets it apart from other AI assistants.

Setting up Oppy is a breeze. The intuitive backend requires minimal input to get started, and the onboarding process prompts you to define your goals for the software. This makes you think about what tasks you want Oppy to assist you with, rather than being limited to a specific set of functions.

You can fine-tune Oppy to meet specific demands as you become more comfortable with its capabilities. For example, you can teach it to learn from specific web pages by providing URLs. This allows Oppy to access relevant information and provide valuable insights.

Oppy can also assist with marketing efforts. It can generate listing descriptions, create basic email follow-ups, and even compile closing information emails. With Oppy by your side, you can automate repetitive tasks and focus on what truly matters – building relationships with your clients.

The potential of Oppy extends beyond individual agents. Larger brokerages can benefit greatly from Oppy's capabilities, allowing brokers and office managers to coordinate schedules, sales meetings, and training sessions more efficiently. As more brokerages adopt Oppy, its potential will continue to grow.

In conclusion, Oppy is a versatile AI business assistant that offers a wide range of benefits. Its simplicity, focus on scheduling, and integration with existing systems make it an invaluable tool for agents at all levels, marketing managers, and office managers. While some may still have reservations about AI, Oppy's potential is undeniable. Give it a try and discover how Oppy can transform your workday into a seamless and productive experience.

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