BHGRE Drakulich Realty Recruits One Of Nevada’s Top Large Teams

Key Takeaways:

– Team Stevens, led by Lee Stevens, is a highly successful real estate team in Nevada.
– In 2023, they closed $126.5 million in sales volume across 269 sides.
– They would have ranked as the No. 3 team in Nevada.
– Better Homes and Gardens Drakulich Realty has added Team Stevens to their firm.
– Lee Stevens is known for his exceptional skills and success in the industry.
– Bryan “Drak” Drakulich, the broker-owner of Better Homes and Gardens Drakulich Realty, is impressed with Stevens’ abilities and leadership.
– Drakulich and Stevens first met during a challenging real estate transaction and were impressed by each other’s cooperation and teamwork skills.
– Stevens joined Better Homes and Gardens Drakulich Realty to benefit from Drakulich’s mentorship and expand their offerings in the luxury and commercial spaces.
– The addition of Team Stevens brings the total number of agents and staff at Better Homes and Gardens Drakulich Realty to around 56.


Team Stevens, led by Lee Stevens, is one of the highest-earning teams in the state of Nevada, with $126.5 million in closed sales volume across 269 sides in 2023.

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Better Homes and Gardens Drakulich Realty has landed a valuable addition to the firm with the 28-member Team Stevens, Inman has learned.

Led by Lee Stevens, the team closed $126.5 million in sales volume across 269 sides in 2023. Although the team did not participate in RealTrends rankings, those figures would have placed them in line to be the No. 3 team in Nevada.

Bryan ‘Drak’ Drakulich | BHG Drakulich Realty

“Last year was the lowest number of resales in the United States in the last 30 years and [Lee’s] business grew exponentially,” Bryan “Drak” Drakulich, broker-owner of Better Homes and Gardens Drakulich Realty, told Inman. “So that says right there, he’s pretty good at what he does.”

“We’re thrilled to have Lee and his team,” Drakulich continued. “He’s a sharp guy, does a great job with his team, he’s a great coach, he’s a great leader, and he’s very focused and very driven.”

Drakulich and Stevens first met when they each were representing the seller and buyer, respectively, on a $2.85 million deal. The transaction proved to be a challenging one, with buyer and seller each adopting a stubborn mindset when it came to the terms of the deal. With persistence, however, Drakulich and Stevens were able to make it happen. The cooperation and teamwork skills that each displayed over the course of negotiations made an impression on both of them.

“[Lee] sends me a handwritten note [after closing] that says, ‘Hey man, this was a masterclass in getting the deal done. Thank you,’” Drakulich told Inman.

After that, the two kept in touch and Drakulich followed Stevens’ career progress. He liked what he saw, and after a few detailed discussions about the firm and what the Better Homes and Gardens brand had to offer, Stevens was convinced the move would be one that could really help his team flourish.

Team Stevens until this point has largely specialized in representing the buy-side of a transaction, Stevens told Inman, but under Drakulich’s mentorship, the team is looking forward to growing more when it comes to seller representation, as well as expanding their offerings in the luxury and commercial spaces.

Lee Stevens | Team Stevens

“I felt like with our team and where we were at, there weren’t the proper tools,” Stevens said. “What I was looking for was to really round out the organization. I have a really strong buyer presence … and then Bryan is really strong in the luxury space and the commercial space, and he’s with Better Homes and Gardens. So, that was one of the [deciding factors], and the other big thing was to get mentored by Bryan himself.”

Prior to joining up with Drakulich, Stevens spent the majority of his roughly five-year career at Realty One. Drakulich led an independent brokerage, Drakulich Realty, for four decades, before deciding to affiliate with Better Homes and Gardens about two years ago.

“I think the reason why Bryan and I did this was to get poised for growth,” Stevens continued, “a massive expansion up here in Northern Nevada and throughout the state. We want to do that by adding value to the industry. I think, with our combined knowledge and experience, it’s going to be amazing. And with Better Homes and Gardens, we’ve got the brand behind us.”

Added Drakulich, “Every brokerage out there came after [Lee] to have his team join them. And for the reasons we’ve outlined, he felt that what we represent, what our culture is, and how we do business was the best fit.”

With the addition of Team Stevens, Better Homes and Gardens Drakulich Realty now has around 56 agents and staff.

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