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How technology can help mortgage lenders combat repurchase risk

Key Takeaways: – Individual mortgages can be bundled together into mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and sold to investors on the secondary market. – If a mortgage in an MBS bundle defaults or contains errors, there is a repurchase risk where the entity that sold the MBS is obligated to buy back the non-performing or defective mortgage…

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Seattle-based Coldwell Banker franchise to separate from NAR in 2024

Key Takeaways: – Coldwell Banker Danforth, a Seattle-based franchise, will not renew its affiliation with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) starting in 2024. – This decision is in response to recent turmoil at NAR, including a sexual harassment scandal and ongoing commission lawsuits. – The franchise is the first privately-owned Coldwell Banker franchise to…

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Freddie Mac announces standardized mortgage documents for DPA programs

Key Takeaways: – Freddie Mac has introduced standardized subordinate lien documents for down payment assistance (DPA) programs. – Previously, DPA programs had different documents, leading to confusion. – The standardized documents will make it easier for lenders to offer DPA programs. – Freddie Mac collaborated with Fannie Mae and state housing finance agencies (HFAs) to…

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Impatient homebuyers are gradually accepting the reality of the housing market: BofA

Key Takeaways: – Prospective homebuyers are becoming less sensitive to home prices and high-interest rates – Fewer homebuyers are willing to wait for a better market to buy a home – Purchase activity has picked up, with an increase in sales of new single-family homes – Many homeowners are staying put and keeping their mortgages,…

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